This land was rescued.

The venue is a part of a small farming community in Gateway Arkansas. The land was destroyed by previous tennants, old cars and junk, piles of trash everywhere. The bank foreclosed on the owners and the city had to clean up a huge mess of festering garbage. When the property came to our care, we nursed it back to health over a 3 year period. Rennovations, trash hauling, clearing, lanscaping, gardens etc. Blood, sweat, tears...

An old condemned mobile was rotting in unkempt condition... but it was rescued. We stripped it bare and turned it into a fun up-cycle art project. What was once low, forgotten, and despressed was injected with light and love, and the Secret Gates began to emerge! 

The Secret Gates is a testement to cleaning up our worlld! Where there is trash let us make art, where there is decay and darkness, let us inject love and light! Imagine a world where nothing is forgotten, and old things are given youth again! The Secret Gates seeks to embody the spirit of resourcefulness and creativity.
This event is a collaborative community project, on private properties of several Gateway Business Owners and residents who have graciously decided to share the joys of their land with others.   

Please 'leave no trace', and take care of your own litter. Thank you for helping us take good care of the land and resources. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Our first spring rennovating the land, there were fairy flies throughout the woods; living from the juices of abundant berries and fruits growing in the woods. 

The fairy flies and fire flies reminded us of the magic that still exsisted among the more hidden forms of life on the land. As we got rid of the trash, it brought life back to the land!

We-thinks that the faerie folk in the woods smile on our mission to revive the land and share its magic with others.  
The Secret Gates only open for occasional special events. Otherwise, it is not open to the public, so please refrian from visiting without an invitation.

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